What is Page setup ?

The parameters defined by the user that help determine how a printed page will appear. Those parameters can include everything from the size, margins, page orientation, or quality of print.


What is Layout in P6 ?

Primavera P6 provides the ability to display project schedule information using “Layouts”. Layouts are customizable views of project information and are the primary method for printing Gantt Charts, Profiles, Spreadsheets, and Trace Logic views.

Schedules are tough to read and all members of the project team can benefit from an easier way to interpret their schedules for Project Management Team.

The Layout Options Bar is used to create customized layouts that fulfill your project reporting requirements.

The Layout Options Bar enables you to customize the following:

  • Bar chart
  • Columns
  • Table Font & Row
  • Group & Sort
  • Filters
  • Header & Footer
  • Etc.


Watch the Video Below to Learn how to prepare customized layout in P6: