Been a long time, got a shot of high motivation after long time. Another trial of consistency and hard work towards making my life better.

How long will it last this time ? With all the doubts and fear of regret.

Regret is my greatest enemy now, and the fear that if I don’t do anything about taking my life in different direction, I will regret it in future and make my and everyone’s life around me miserable. That is what driving me now.

Been having dreams lately, of people walking in medieval time body armor and the armor  represents the personal, emotional barrier’s or shield, a show they put on for the world hiding the real them inside the armor. As the person goes more through life the armor gets stronger and thicker hiding the real them inside it. Which only opens when in private with loved ones, revealing the true weakness inside them.

And another dream I have been having is of  a foot, which is pushing down on the ground those people who walking around thinking of pursuing some ambition or are in pursuit of it. The Giant Foot only gets lifted when the person gives up on their passion, lifting the burden or the pressure upon them forced by life itself.