It’s hard changing your life. Stuck in between the roles and responsibilities and the dreams I want to achieve.

How do one find balance? Is it what it all was meant for? All that struggle you went through? All the work you did on yourself, you are just going to give it up for a secure job?

If security is only what you’re looking for then be that way but don’t imagine yourself doing some great because greatness will not come sitting in an office spending your hours.

I going to change my job and my place of work, to get a work which gives me at least little bit flexibility to go out and do what I want.

I am not going to lie but even I am looking for secure job but that is because I have to fulfill my responsibility but, I will look in a place which gives me the freedom to go out and meet people.

I usually get mad at my ex for leaving me for other guy, I get into argument with her in my mind. We had so much but she still did this? I argue over and over and over just to get some satisfaction in my mind and heart not realizing that I am actually looking to find happiness by making her feel bad about herself. I am looking for happiness through her.

I worked really hard on myself but took just a moment to wash out all that I made of myself. It’s a process, we have to realize that and keep working on the process.

When you get mad at someone and get into fight and argument and you feel good after you have said something mean to that person then you need to realize that you are not happy about something and the only way you are making yourself feel better is by saying some mean things to your parents or brother or sister or your friend or colleague.