It has been many days now, I haven’t gone out.


People over here, they laugh, they think its funny that their working so many hours and not doing anything or going out and seeing and living life, like it is nothing. It is not funny to spend your life working and not working on yourself and your dreams and goals and to live your life outside the walls not inside.

Most of the people won’t understand what working on yourself means.

What do I miss?

I miss the nature. The grass, trees, driving on roads with natural forest on either side. I am starved from nature, the freedom to walk in fresh air. Having the freedom to go anywhere at any time to do what we want is the most important thing a person will miss.

I cried and struggled to get out of India and to work in Dubai. But now I miss all of it. I still don’t like the country because of the politics but what I want back is my freedom to be where I want, to be with friends and family or myself.

Isolation for personal development is important but, that isolation in the right place is important. If you live your life like this, 14 hrs a day, getting your mind numb of all the dreams and goals and qualities you will regret everything in life, you will start complaining and crying and will not love anything around you.

Unless only goal of your life is to get a job, get money get home, family, kids and nothing else, then there is no problem to work 14  hrs and love every minute of it.

I want to quit my job, take a break, and work on myself to get the momentum going for head and myself.