Inconsistency. Fighting procrastination and distraction and everything around.  Difficult to keep yourself alive.

Words by T.D.Jakes old self in the New Year?

What did we do this year? What did we learn? What did we accomplish? What have we planned to achieve next year?

When we change our mind, our whole body will follow.

It is really important to vision yourself in the future working on your goals and dreams. When you start to envision yourself performing and working and achieving the goal and dream, what will happens is that you can now see the skills you need to develop in order to become that person. For example; you can imagine and vision yourself becoming speaker or a sportsperson or a writer without developing the necessary skills. You can be a speaker and talk slow and weak, you can’t become good in sports and not working out daily, you can’t become and author without developing a vocabulary and sense of words and passion.