Just Watched the new Russell Peters Standup comedy, he’s not that funny. He jut made Indian accent and did some jokes on his father and India and Chinese and Arabs. That is all that happened in the video.

Last night, I was on my way to beach with all my thoughts and energy and determination to approach some girls and get my anxiety and social judgement out of its way. But on my way, sitting in bus, my friends texts me and tells me about the new changes in his job so I called him and we talk planning of doing something next week. After the call I see all of his texts, I see him saying, “Bro I feel like going out now” . And I think to myself, we always plan to do something but never end up doing anything and so I get down from the bus called him up and we meet up in the mall and the movie theatre was closed so we end up in the food court.

And while we were just talking, I found out that he went through the exact same thing. He too met a girl while we were back in college, deep love, one true relationship, all the good stuff, sharing positive energy. It all ended because of Long distance relationship.

Its surprising how you doing random things can become so meaningful. There was just some meaningful and connection I felt sitting and talking about that relationship. And that we might and might not get other relationship of such quality, but, we both hope we do. Have you ever done random thing? changed your plans to do something else when you had planned something else with your time ?

Today’s words of inspiration to you and myself,

You are an uncommon breed. I feel like I’m settling for the job and not taking risk to change the world. I want to do better and change my life and people’s life. Ill take the beating for starting the pickup in India, not because its wrong but it is the only way I can think that can change the world.