I’m hearing  a lot about the advantages and use of BIM so I went to look for classes. I was so interested in learning about it and hearing all about it and how it can help me be a better engineer. It is sad because their free is high but the introduction I got was of no value. No passion in teaching.

Video I listened today, “You are creator of your own destiny” voice of Les Brown by Rodney.

Les Brown starts in the introduction of the video, his voice full of energy and power to move you, motivate you. Words he chose to say, time for wishing is over and time for doing has started”.. creator of our own destiny.

I read somewhere , we are all generation of lovers. Which translates, we all love to do this and love to do that but never do anything about it.

If we were eager to change our lives we would take action and do something about it not watch t.v. and spend time on our phone; words to ponder upon by Jim rohn.

T.D. Jakes continued next in video, in his preaching voice he talks about life, one of his area of expertise along with understanding people.. He says, “life… it happens to everyone, it is both, just and unjust. Our problems are not unique many people have suffered and stayed there and while some have grown through it. But the way we handle our problems and get the solutions,  that is what matters and does the change necessary in your life.

Words to say to yourself everyday, “No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets I’m going to make it.”