I am getting better at understanding my emotions and thoughts. I am controlling my thoughts to keep myself and body motivated.

I listened to Tony Robbin today, one the message of his that really connected to me was that, our physical posture is what defines our body biochemistry and creates a shift in our health. The way we stand and sit and talk all counts to our overall development. So as I started to write this blog I sat myself in chair, with my back straight and legs in 90 degree resting on the floor.

It is funny actually how a little change in your daily life creates a mental and physical shift. I promised myself to go jogging tomorrow morning.

Second Video I watched was “Why Most People die at the age of 25” by Prince EA. He talks really well and knows how to use music and words to connect to you. He talks about the wealthiest place on earth that is the Grave yard. Also heard the same thing from Les Brown, and Les Brown continues talking about the ghost of your dreams standing over your grave as if they were human asking us in anger, “we came to you and only you could’ve given us life and now we have to die with you”. The horrifying truth about the graveyard is that it is true, most people don’t live their life with risk and so am i the part of this risk less life, as I have seated myself in the comfort of my chair and not taking actions to move up in life. It is surprising to realize that Internet was just invented over 50 years ago but it has consumed major part of everyone life without even realizing it.


Prince EA then ends talking about Hellen Keller; who was born blind and handicapped still ended up achieving great in life. She said, “it would be so much worse to be born with sight but no vision”. If everyone person started to pursue their dreams and goals we would have inventions and business never seen before.

Prince EA sums up his video asking to us, the audience, why do we have to die to have heaven why can’t we have heaven here on earth. Beautiful words to ponder upon how we are living our life and think that is how our life is meant to be lived and followed.