We all have heard and read about all the successful people. We all talk about their success stories but never think about our success. We have heard about their stories but never executed, never took anything from their stories, never broke it down and tried to implement in our life. We all think that greatness is meant for gifted few.

What I see most common in all the successful people is their pain and the poor life they grew up in, this lifestyle when gets an opportunity or when they see an opportunity where they can grow themself they take action and continue taking action. Since they don’t have anything in life to lose, they’re already low in terms of economy, education, health and personal success they don’t think about taking changes. Their only motivation and inspiration at that time is to get themself and their family out of their situation. Their hunger to get themself and their family and others out from their situation is what got them there.

From Mother Teresa to Gandhi to Martin Luther to Malcolm X.

Compare to them, when see start to see some opportunity to grow or excel in some part of our life or career or in terms of our passion we fail to take a chance and move to that goal or passion. Because we already have lot in life to lose, our job or friends, our family, our home, money and list goes on. The already success or I should say the comfort that we have been given to us is the thing stopping us from taking chance and moving up in life.

Taking risk is the important thing that we all miss to do in life. We are blocked by the already existing comfort that has been given to us. Not taking chances and thinking that the greatness is meant for someone special and gifted, never exploring the possibility of our potential.


Most of us go through life without realizing the skills that we have been given, numbed and lost in our life of internet and distractions and negative people who themself have no goals in life. Major reason for failure is not being around successful people, because living around them gives us new perspective and challenges our perspective of how we view our life and any other opportunity that comes to us or that we fail to see.