I am Extremely not clear what this challenge is about.  Only thing I could concentrate on is the way Natalie says “Have” at 5 min 30 sec mark in the video, that is so funny.

Just came out of this extremely overwhelming work. I was completely drowned in the work load, so its after a week I’m getting chance to write this challenge. Broke my own Streak of writing this Blog challenge 4 days in a row.


So how do I set myself for success is today’s Blog challenge question.

My long term goal plan starts like this, quit this job and get a job which gives me time to be creative and not be unemployed at the same time.

My short term plan for setting myself for success right now is, Writing and completing all the blog daily challenges without failing a day. And also doing similar challenges that other Growing entrepreneurs are telling us to do in a hope that one of those challenges will hit me and I will find my road.


How Do I set myself:

Step 1) Come back early from work.

Step 2) On my way back have goals and ideas what am I going to do with my time when I reach home and also the time I have left on this planet.

Step 3) Look for plans and ideas how to grow and develop yourself and execute it.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day  5

#10DBC   #freedomplan

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