This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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Freedom Plan

Day 3 Challenge

Part 1: Vision for Future.

My goal for future is perfectly plotted down.

Step 1: Start a Blog

Step 2: Start writing your blog and get it successful

Step 3: Start YouTube channel and start making videos on self-development and Motivation and pickup.

Step 4: Get a mentor, Prepare for speeches and start giving speeches from colleges and schools and so forth.

Step 5: You have a successful life.

Part 2 Question: Visualising what my perfect day looks like

This is my perfect Day which I try to achieve (Especially on weekend)

Getting up in morning motivated with plans and ideas on how to work on my dream. followed by Watching motivation videos and writing down all creative ideas.

Being determined to learn something new on job or in terms of personal development.

Planning to go out and meeting new people and Every time I feel lazy or start to procrastinate force myself to get up.

Not complaining. Writing a Blog Post and Reading my goals to myself.

Talking positive with my family and friends and everyone I meet when I’m going out.

Having smile on my face and remind myself of things I’m grateful about and things I need to improve in my life and myself and things that I have to cut down to keep moving forward.

And Last making sure I maintain all of the above thoughts and plan and ideas and energy through out the week.