This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day  2

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Freedom Plan

So discovering your why…

Why I want to do what I want to do. It is because I Just realized that I can.

I did not know that I can be the one to change the world especially start changing my own world first.

I was just going with the flow of tide  until I found out about self development.

My why is sharing my knowledge and skill with other people. My why is saving people from getting washed away with this world where people are judged for working on their dreams and all the society rules and restrictions.

Let me give you my current why, I just bought a Nikon 5300D camera and it took me really long to learn it.  And when I finished learning; on the contrary, when I actually started to learn how to use it, I couldn’t stop myself from teaching it to other’s. I spent hours and days learning that and got frustrated on it so many times and I don’t want anyone to give up on their interest in photography and reduce their learning curve and spend more time using it rather than spending time on just learning it.

Giving Back to the World, Giving back to people  that is my why. This camera is juts a small example but since I’ve gotten into self-development I’ve seen drastic change in my life and I suddenly realised that Greatness is not meant for selected few. So I want to help people to achieve their potential as I am achieving mine or at least make them realise what they can achieve in their life and get them out of social conditioning that they are not aware of.