I spend 14 hrs a day working and as much as I like my job I hate that it consumes most of my time. It takes all of my creative time.

Let me start talking about the today’s topic. So after getting out of the Jumeira Beach, I was walking on this road and I saw a man sneaking inside a construction site and I walk upto him and tell him, “You’re not going to find gold inside, that’s a construction site.” and he turns around laughing and tells me that he’s a contractor in Abu Dhabi and got a Billion Dirhams project and was looking around for the metod of construction adopted here.


We talk for a while and he tells me that he’s from Denmark, and I look in surprise and tell him that I Love Denmark and I want to live my life there. And he laughs and tells me in a scary tone, “Don’t do that! Before you decide go there as a tourist and see how you like that place.” and you know that made complete sense.

Because I came to Dubai dreaming of many big things and big life but it is nothing like that. Dubai is different from India and Dubai from Dubai. Just like when People from Europe or America only thing they look at it is the slum and poverty, but that is not the truth, they’re only seeing what the media is showing them. Those people who tell you about all the great things in Dubai are, the things that they don’t tell you about is how expensive the life costs here and all food here is full of chemicals and how much it costs to travel from place to place beacuse the city is planned to make you buy a car though it was meant to reduce traffic problem and most of all they miss to tell you that it is not just Hot ! But its hot for 8 months through the year. That means if you’re like me enjoying eveing walk or travel on bike for fresh air, you just cant. You can’t go out for a walk in evening and you can’t travel anywhere unless you have a car.

But you might argue that if you would live in a really good area then travelling and meeting new people would not be that difficult. Let me tell you living in those area, IT COSTS YOU !! and unless you don’t have a loan to pay off or family to take care of or future to think about then you can afford that life style. On the contrary when I lived in India I didn’t need to spend lots of money and time to travel or to meet new people no resource spent other than my energy. I would just walk on the road and approach people which is not possible in Dubai cuz people don’t come out at all.

And I think no one ever told me about this is because no one knows what person I am and what I expect from life. They only told me their side of story and what they loved and what they didn’t

So coming back to the topic, No one tells us about the problem we might face when we move to new places, the truth is always hidden in the goodness by the people who have blinded themselves by telling themselves lies and brain washing themselves.

I’ve also lived in Goa and living there sucks. It’s good for vacation for couple of days but not for living.

So if I were to move to Denmark and expecting the beautiful rainy cold weather and greenery, but that it not what it is, is it? The rainy weather with greenery has curbed the country’s growth and cities are not well connected. This is what was told to me by that old man.

So as that old man suggested I would encourage you, before you move to any new place go there as tourist first. If you can’t go there, ask the right questions and if you don’t know the right question, ask the right person who understands you. But at the end there’s always leap of faith and just go for it like for a lifetime of adventure.