This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

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Freedom Plan


I just got the Day 4 Blog Challenge mail and I’m just opening the Day 1 mail.

Natalie, in the Video Starts talking about the problem that most people can’t find that focus and that’s true it took me 20 minutes to start writing this, Word press site was opening slow so I ended up on YouTube watching videos.

My Goal is to do what Anthony Robbins and Les Brown and Zig Ziglar did but, in India.

So the Question was 2 to 3 Challenges that I am facing in my life right now.

Let me categorise it in two parts. Superficial Challenges and Internal growth challenges

These are the challenges I am facing currently in my life.

Superficial challenge number 1:

My job Problem: I’m working in Dubai. I’m get up at 5 am in the morning for work and reach back home at 8 pm in evening. So this is actually consuming my time of my day, six days a week. I get back home having dinner, talk to family & friends, washing some clothes or ironing my clothes and scrolling through YouTube after all of this it is almost 10 pm and time to sleep to get up 5 am again next morning. And it’s a Struggle selecting between things I have to do and need to do.

Solution: So I crush all the other activities when I get back home and at least watch one Mindset video or Read some pages of a good book.

Challenge number 2: Resigning this Job. I am going to quit this job so back to India and look for a job who provides me better working hours. But the big problem is, it is very tough to find a job there and I’m in deep Student loan that I need to pay off. My parents are expecting lot from me and we can’t afford me to have me being jobless so as much as they know I’m not happy they hoping I would stay back here.

Solution: I talk to myself every day, telling myself that I will get a job back at home real soon and make my parents aware of the situation that I am in.

Internal Growth challenge number 1:

Spending 15 hrs a day in a job that I like but it is not giving me time and flexibility for what I want to do. If you’re working 15 hrs a day , when you reach home you have literally nothing creative left in your mind, only time I spend after reaching home is trying to search in my brain all the great and creative ideas that I had last night that I had planned to execute.

Solution: Quit my job before someone with similar life goals is already working harder than me.

Internal Growth challenge number 2:

Apart from being Procrastinator and lazy and lacking of focus, my main challenge is my language. Yes, I know English and I can speak English but it is not good enough to verbally externalize all the ideas are in my mind, which brings me to my second challenge with this, Lacking of clear ideas. My ideas are extremely good and makes sense to me but I am just not able to put them in words and create a working action plan for others and myself.

Internal Growth challenge number 3:

I want to have 10 good material posts and videos on my blog and YouTube channel before I can go live because then I’ll have a Head start on my work. I don’t want to go live and everyone goes what happened you started that thing and now where is the rest of it?

10 good material I said, and that’s a specific goal number not a vague number saying some good material, or “maybe” more or “maybe” less.