Every one of us wants to be successful. We all want to be great and remembered.

When we dream about success, the image what we all get is of Actors, Hero’s and successful rich people. But success doesn’t come in that form. Success can in the form of Health, family relationships, getting a good job or getting good marks in exam.

Let me tell you why I thought of writing this, from past two weeks all I have been thinking about is of my success in starting a YouTube channel. I dreamt about getting Canon cameras and getting a tripod stand and wireless mike and good editing software. And I dreamt about all type of creative videos I will make, I will record my videos from this angle and that and in this lighting and this time and I’ll do this editing  ,and then I will do this effect which will be so amazing . But then I ended up doing nothing, I was just sitting around imagining stuff towards which I didn’t even take one bit of action.

“I want to write amazing books to change people’s life, I want to become Pickup artist, and also I want to become a great teacher and teach students everything I learned on my job and become movie Actor & Director so I can influence people with all my great Ideas to change the world and save the planet. The solution to that I found was doing one thing at a time. Start taking action and things will line themselves up.”

Scariest thing about our dream is, if we’re not doing it, someone else is already doing it.

How many of us dream of doing something in life? How many of us dream of becoming fearless and approaching girls? And we dream and dream and dream and end up doing nothing. Our brain knows what it takes to be fearless and the energy and time it requires and we end up freezing and our all the beautiful amazing things that our mind just imagined they start to get reengineered and they now become our negative anti-action taking thoughts.

Setting goals can be great motivation, but how often do we actually pursue them? and when we actually purse them with all our interest, and it doesn’t turn out to be the way our mind imagined it to be, we give up. We tell ourselves, I imagined it to be go in this was, and this would happen and I would feel like a champion.

Most of the time, dream about success but end up doing nothing. Our brain literally will not let us take action because it knows, how we would feel if things doesn’t go out the way we imagined. We start to hesitate, “I’m tired” and “I don’t have time.” We just spent hours imagining our success and then reimaging about how things might go wrong,

Don’t let yourself get away with it.

Fear and Excuses are not easy to cross, but with practice we will begin to recognize its arguments with ourselves more quickly and, hopefully, to defeat them more successfully. And only way to doing this is giving ourselves reference experience, by going out and taking action. Rather than imagining the success, take action towards that goal and let the success dream to come to you as you move ahead on that path. Once you start taking action your brain will show you the possibilities of what you can do.


And most of all its not important not knowing where to start or how to start. We all have phones in our hand and Pen and paper and laoptops with us, we can start lots of things on these things.

Just walk out the door and start saying, Hello ! to random poeople till the time you stop feeling stupid about doing it.