For so long i have been getting anxious and anxiety about leaving this job, not working 14 hrs a day and doing great something life. Because life is too short and you cant spend 14 hrs everyday juts working. Your family and friends are getting old everyday and you’re spending so much time juts working away from them, I just cant think of anything worse doing in life.


I want to create a change in the world. I want to help people to wake up and realise their goals and potential. I want to help people to grow out of their mentality that stops them from doing great in life. I want to be the first one to bring the revolution of pickup in India.

And For so long I was pissed about not being able to do anything and not being able to go out.Now, I got a raise , 1000 bucks raise in my salary. And now suddenly many things seemed possible to me. Now all of a sudden I felt like I dont need to chase these things, I can relax, buy a new camera, buy new things.

Suddenly that drive in me that wanted to change the world just went bit quiet. Now suddenly working 14 hrs a day with just one small weekend didn’t seem such a bad idea.

I had to re-talk to myself to remind me of all the things wrong with this way of living. Talk and Re-talk to myself more than I have ever had to. Remind myself of all the reason why I want to do great in life, be the part of change.

SO, What changed ? How did just raise in salary and realisation that I can go out more and spend more on things took minutes for my brain to brain wash itself from living life of purpose to being a person who accepts 14 hrs work life.

Have this happened to you ? Do you someone who has encounter the same problem?

Did your values just changed because little more money gave you a little more comfort and suddenly looking for your purpose in life wasn’t the thing you have to do?

I remember once I was watching a motivational  video and voice in the video said what would do in life if I gave you $2 Million and I talked back to the video and said I don’t want your $2 Million, show me the way how and I’ll get it myself.