I refuse in life to be a need money to enjoy your life. I refuse to live a life where you need a car to go to places and have fun. After spending so much money on spending college education and getting a really good job made me realize the it won’t make you happy. Now I’m stuck with so much loan that I’ll be spending most of my years paying that off and every time I spend my money on something I see my loan increasing.

I refuse to have dreams that we have to go to America to enjoy our life. Why do we have to go to America to enjoy our life? Why can’t we have the surroundings around us to be happy where we are? Why is not India the land of opportunity? and I refuse to give others dream that they have to grow up studying and getting best education and get a good job to live in America just to realize how much money was spent on you by your parents for you to get there. and now you’re under the burden of all the responsibilities.

I refuse to dream that we have to go to America to enjoy the freedom of life. I want to make India the land of opportunity. I want India be the place where girls can wear shorts and not be scared of their life. Girls in India are not mostly scared of wearing shorts clothes and going out, they are scared of people judging them. Judgment of their family and friends and their classmates and their neighbors and those racist police and politicians.

I refuse to live in a country where we are brought up to think that America is the place where we can accomplish goals and dreams, while we are making our streets dirty.

I have lived just too long to dream about happiness just to realize that I will only come from myself. Happiness comes from inside of you. You can only spend money to get you temporary happiness.

We’ve been living in social conditioning and society pressure for too long. We need to stop this menace.

I want to make this country great. I want to change people mindset. I want to have country where girls are allowed to wear anything and guys can approach a girl without having the fear of his life from others.

I want to make India land of opportunity where people will follow their dream without any fear.

I’m one year late on working on my dream but I’m coming, this brings me one step closer.