I think its not just in India but people all over the world agree that “We Think” girls are attracted to guys with money.

Have you ever wondered why? Since I started pickup I started to observe people’s behaviour. And as I was trying to understand why people behave the way they behave. I started to notice one special thing.

As we all know girls are attracted to good positive energy. Not just girls any person in general is attracted to people with positive attitude and care free behaviour. Now where this care free, non clingy behaviour comes from? It comes from the Flexibility that money provides.

I remember a friend of mine very rich, with horses and things, once while talking he had a smile on his face saying that he doesn’t care about his career, that he will change his job and pursue what he feels like. And there we are in shock thinking what is he talking about. We need a job to live. While in his mind he has his family support for him to do whatever he wants. Even though they will say that they don’t take or will not take support from their family deep down they know they are aware that their family will take care in case things go down economically or health wise.

Now don’t get me wrong, even the parents who are not rich will do anything to take care of their kids. But inside we know that in case things go down, even though they will take care of us. The hardship and things they will have to do to keep you out of harms way. and that is what dials down our care free attitude, it becomes more conservative rather than outgoing and risk taking.and seeing a lotta places

Now girls will get attracted to guys who is care free and doesn’t seem to be moved by the worlds problem. He does what he wants, buys what he wants, goes out and  does what he want. My friends tell me about their one night stands, and it all includes a car or motorbike (a good one) or a room or a party or some good venue where it all happened. While I’m here who cant even have a call a girl and have good long talk cuz it needs lots of money. And who’s  best idea of going out most of the time just sitting on a bench or in a mall watching people walking by.

So you see the behaviour of a care free person following his passion will be more attractive comparatively than person who has lack of resource for himself. And who cant or cannot do what they want want. And that is also why many people do not follow their passion.

Take example of a beggar, he comes at you with repelling energy cuz they are coming from the frame of getting money out of you. They want something from you. They need something from you. And that leeching behaviour repels you and you rejects them. But there are many people who understand their position and who are open and present to the moment and will help them with money or food. That is why a girl who understands the situation and behaviour of a person they will not care and most of them don’t care about your money but the energy you give.

So you have to keep this in your mind and be aware of how the lack of resource is affecting  your behaviour and how you treat people. Awareness of yourself is the best weapon anybody can use to get ahead in life. It will show you all your strength and weakness and the way you think and talk and move and do things.