It feels so striking that someone who you loved would be hating you and getting up everyday doing their best to not even miss you.

She tried to break up so many times. Long distance didn’t really work, didn’t tried our best.

“I Loved her so much, my autocorrect remembers her”

She loved me! told me, “Zahid, Stop calling me and talking to  me for motivation”

I remember her walking towards me with me smile every time I went to pick her up, but then I remember her telling me why do you want to meet him, he’s just my friend.

I remember her hugging me in public in front of her hostel, but then I remember her telling me that my love for him is not sudden and he never knew about you.

I remember a rumour that she is dating this guy behind my back and I laughed at it so hard, but then she called me one month after we broke up to tell me that if he ever contacts me tell him we broke up in September.

Felt like she wanted me to lie about the whole existence of our relationship to this guy.
We had such beautiful time, loved all the time we spent.

Want to write so many things down but I would tell you this, I got jealous of her dating him and got mad at some things she said about us.

She made her choice she moved on.

So I contacted her boyfriend and told him things so that he could break up with her.I’m not proud of it, I tried to ruin someone’s life.

She cheated or not. She lied to me about everything or not. But what she didn’t deserve is me trying to break her up.

If I Could autocorrect the whole conversation I had with her boyfriend, I would and tell him that what a lovely lady he had. 

If I could autocorrect I would not say anything and let things the way they are.

Eventually the feelings and memories will subside

Now, Imagine the perfect relationship. No neediness. No clinginess. Beautiful understanding of each others mind and heart. Every time you meet both of you share your worlds. Like Qualities of book perfect qualities of  King and Queen.
 So let me ask you this.

Do you call it cheating? If she’s dating a guy who she hung out with and she told you he is her best friend and you found out that she didn’t even tell him about you the whole time you were dating, while she told that he knows about you.

And what would you do if you were in my place.

It’s really tough choice to chose on memories. The good memories where you can’t even believe this could happen and those times where she acted weird like you almost caught her cheating.