Still remember her first day i met her. She opened up with a smile. Strong Taekwondo handshake which I immediately recognised. After I walked away from her, saw her talking to someone one in excitement (her best friend) then she tripped on staircase of a restaurant and then and got up and walked away as if nothing went wrong , People around her and attitude on that face. Took me two days and many talking sessions from her to learn to pronounce her name. Every time i saw her, Hugged her, looked her looking at back me with those deer eyes, always reminded me that it was all worth it. All those running behind 400 girls. Approaching strangers at all awkward place. The Scary part is that, I had actually brought my friend to get him a gf, but he was scared and walked away. Just imagine if i had introduced her to him, the story would’ve been different. Never would’ve met her, I would’ve missed this beautiful time and I would still be running on streets, buses, shops, malls. approaching girls.


If I think and try to go back about when  did it all start i cant seem to find the time..did it start when i  used to sit and complain with my friends about why we don’t have girlfriend, giving reason which were more or less true.. more false and less true, reasons like girls love money, they only date good looking guy and that we don’t have time to waste time and money for girls to which we are not committed to. Though it was True but not all of it it was due to our lack of interest in talking to them and having friend group with lack of girls.

I approached over 400 girls over a period of one year to meet this girl. Before her i met few girls but no one was interested and  all cheated, and the pattern of getting cheated got clear. So this one we could say is my official first girl friend.

I fell in love. One thing i learned from pickup was brutal honesty. Telling the truth about what your mind and heart is thinking at that time. But mainly getting connected to our thoughts and expressing them. And i tell you it was all worth it.

I learnt 400 things from these 400 girls which all added upto having an experience, the knowledge to be and talk with a girl. Every single day i cherished it, loved it, all the talks about grinding and going through pain was worth it.

Proudest thing I had in my life. Loved it, grew in it, shared so much. I used to talk to people about this.

No clinginess, no neediness just pure connection.

I made sure that everyone knew about the quality of relationship. People were always in Shock knowing that how can she accept me knowing that I have approached so many girls. Another Best part was that she never stopped me from doing pick up and I never told her not to talk with any guy or hang out with guys or go to play with them. No jealous no fear of getting cheated or lie. ( maybe we get a little jealous i guess).

Surprisingly when i approached girls I used to talk with them about my relationship and talk with them the feelings and emotions and mind that we share together. Felt something different approaching girls and telling them “hey! you’re cute.. i saw you, came  to meet you” and few moments later talking with them about me and my girlfriend. That was something. Just matched our frequency since the first day we met.

I don’t know how many of you ever got this relationship, But i just hope that people eventually develop themselves so much and everyone atleast onec in their life get a King Queen relationship.