sometimes you want to do a lot in life. at one point everything will be great and other wont be.

Before coming to Dubai, I wanted to do something great in life. I had plans and Ideas to act on , to do. So when I got the job here, I was extremely excited not because of the fact that I got the job here but, because I thought that I would be living with people of different cultures and background from whom i can learn with their though and state of mind, their way of living but it was completely opposite. People here grind day and night to earn and they have accepted it.

For so long I was crying that there arent enough girls around to approach and pick up. I had lost the connection with myself. I couldn’t feel motivated and energetic to do the greatness I had dreamed of. So I was thinking where had it all gone. All the plans and ideas and energy and motivation that i had when i was back in India.

The problem was there was no negativity to push me ahead. Back at home i had many people and the surroundings to push me ahead with negativity. Here nothing was wrong except for that work time was rough. I kept wondering why was i not getting myself to do anything and not having no negativity to push me towards success.

Talking to myself day and night gave me answer to that question. NO problems around is the most sad thing that can happen to the person. It will give you good life but it wont challenge your thoughts, your principles, your inner self to develop and get it out there.

So the realisation that no challenge was out there to push me i had to create it myself. Only way to do it by doing jogging and going to malls far away to pickup girls and changing my mindset and developing myself.

Once you get addicted to the pattern to change yourself there’s no coming out of it.

I want to become pick up artist and development coach and motivation coach but it is mainly because in the process of teaching to people ill be teaching and developing myself and that’s the greatest thing i can imagine i can and want to do